What we do

At Spreentech Ventures we recruit and support innovative startups offering products and/or services in four areas of interest:

  • Construction 4.0
  • Green Building, Tech & Mobility
  • Smart City & Smart Building
  • Circular Economy & ESG Impact

Each year we select and invest in a limited number of startups, helping them launch their products and/or services to market in six to twelve months. We support each startup to define and design its business model, validate prototypes or proof of concept (POC), manage any certification procedures, launch the product and/or service to market, and fundraise.

Startups in our acceleration program can count on our extensive network of contacts, which includes companies, research centers, and outstanding Italian innovation players in the four areas of interest.

Our program for startups


tions throughout the year. You can submit your company or project in our PITCH section.


Through a structured process involving internal and external industry experts, we assess innovative startups in four areas: Construction 4.0; Green Building, Tech & Mobility, Smart City & Smart Building, and Circular Economy & ESG Impact.


Startups selected for investment participate in an acceleration programme lasting between 6 and 12 months. Spreentech Ventures is based at the  Progetto Manifattura in Rovereto (TN).

Construction 4.0

The new frontier is Construction 4.0, a set of industrialized processes to make construction sites more efficient and final constructions more sustainable. In this integrated design, the key words are technological innovation and digitisation: data control becomes fundamental in the construction site 4.0 that uses software, management systems and the BIM methodology to optimise production and monitor costs without wasting time and material.

Construction 4.0 concerns the entire building lifecycle — from the choice of sustainable materials to the overall architectural design — to meet its inhabitants’ environmental and safety requirements.

Green Building, Tech & Mobility

Concern for our planet’s health requires new approaches to building, living, and traveling. Green building uses sustainable construction technologies with low environmental impact, from the design to the final result: the green building is efficient, durable, powered by renewable energy, ecosystem-friendly, and certified by international protocols such as LEED and BREEAM.

Green Mobility also aims to minimise CO2 emissions through public transport, bicycles and scooters, hybrid or electric vehicles, and easily manageable app-based sharing systems.

Smart City & Smart Building

The city of the future must be based on environmental, economic, and social sustainability making networks and services more efficient through digital solutions that benefit its inhabitants and economy. That means, for example, optimized transport and utility services, more interactive and responsive city administrations, and safer public spaces.

In a highly energy-intensive urban context, the choice of modern IoT-based Smart Building systems makes all the difference: integrated, management-connected sensor technology makes it possible to monitor a building’s energy performance and control its maintenance status, but also to remotely manage occupant safety and comfort. We are now in the “phygital” era, in which physical objects interface with digital information systems for a better quality of living in the places where we live, study, and work.

Circular Economy & ESG Impact

A Circular Economy is an economic system designed to reduce waste and reuse materials in subsequent production cycles. This transition needs funds, so the more players that invest in sustainable companies, the more these companies will be able to innovate their processes.

There are more and more responsible investments in ethical finance, focused on values that go beyond economic performance. ESG investments refer to three criteria: Environmental, Social, and Governance. They are critical to assessing corporate social responsibility strategies and developing new business models for a sustainable future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spreentech invests in product companies consisting of at least two founders who want to build a product in different industries, such as: Construction 4.0, Green Building, Tech & Mobility, Smart City & Smart Building and Circular Economy & ESG Impact. Selected teams will receive an equity investment and coaching to accelerate the development of their company.

Spreentech is an accelerator and works with each start-up on a case-by-case basis, without a standardised or pre-defined acceleration programme, but with the objective of founding the company (if not already established), filing one or more patents, building a prototype and validating the target market.

6 to 12 months from the date of signing the Spreentech Ventures-startup agreement as far as the acceleration programme and related services are concerned, but as long as it takes for the startup to be valued until the accelerator disinvests.

No. Spreentech Ventures is a completely private company that works with your team to speed up the growth of your company. However, Spreentech works with public incubators, academics, research and technology transfer centres to support the birth and development of new start-ups.

There are no particular deadlines. Non ci sono tempistiche particolari.

It depends on how many good ideas you can come up with. Spreentech Ventures may decide not to make any investments during the year, or make up to a maximum of three to five.

Teams from all over the world, provided they have a relationship with one of the reporting partners (universities, research centres, companies). If your team does not have any connection with Spreentech Ventures, look for one and get reported. The team is happy to hear about your idea or, if you already have a company, specify this in the application form together with the nature of your previous funding.

Teams accelerated by Spreentech Ventures are responsible for their own legal status and will have to prove that they have completed all the relevant paperwork before starting their collaboration with the accelerator.

Spreentech Ventures offers you and your team core funding (cash + services up to a maximum of 75,000€), professional resources to develop your prototype, and management and relationship support to help your company launch its product or service on the market, as well as a workstation in our space. Spreentech Ventures becomes a shareholder of the start-ups in which it invests for a maximum of 15 per cent of the shares. Negotiations on the amount of investment and support required are assessed on an individual, case-by-case basis.

That your team moves, for at least 50% of the time of one of the founders, and for the first 6-12 months planned, to Spreentech Ventures’ premises in Rovereto, that it participates in all activities and events organised by the accelerator, and that it works professionally and with the utmost transparency to grow the company in the best possible way. In addition, teams are asked to always be available to meet and interact with other start-ups, fostering an open working environment for collaboration.

Spreentech Ventures has a team of 25 partners, collaborators and several consultants, consisting of entrepreneurs, professionals and technical specialists.

You can complete the form on this website. Spreentech Ventures works in close synergy with a network of selected partners. While trying to answer all requests, having the recommendation of a Spreentech partner facilitates the process. Also, remember to complete all required fields in the form.

Spreentech Ventures is looking for the best entrepreneurs who want to change the world with their products and/or services and make an impact on the way people use technology. Ideally, a team consists of at least two founders, possibly with complementary skills.

Yes, the company that Spreentech Ventures helps to set up must be based in Italy and the business must pay the required local and national taxes.

The Spreentech Ventures team will give you useful information on this, but it is up to you to find accommodation.

Several mentors will be present in Spreentech Ventures for different periods. Some will not be physically present but will still be available. Some will interact with you occasionally, others more often.

No, after the first 6-12 months of cooperation there are no special obligations other than remaining an active member of the Spreentech community and the normal obligations of good management of a limited company.

No. Spreentech Ventures always advises to stay where you can best pursue your goals.

Spreentech Ventures will continue to support you after the first 6-12 months to advise you and show you the way to continue to grow and become a successful company.