About us

The founding members

Spreentech Ventures was born out of a Polo Edilizia 4.0 project and the entrepreneurial drive of 25 partners. They believed in the project and, besides investing in it, put their technical and managerial skills and professional networks at the disposal of the accelerator.

The Board of Directors

Spreentech Ventures’ Board of Directors consists of five members appointed by the Shareholders:

Andrea Basso
Enrico Frizzera
Francesco Gasperi
Alfredo Maglione
Stefano Nicolini


Luca Lucchese is the general manager of Spreentech Ventures. He has wide professional experience, both as a manager and as a business consultant, mainly in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. He has worked in international companies and articulated organizations.

Over his career, Luca has had extensive academic work experience in the US in the field of electrical engineering. He specializes as General Manager and Chief Operating Officer and has solid skills in economics, finance, and management.