We are an accelerator and investor focused on sustainable (green) technologies in construction but not exclusively. We stand alongside each startup in our accelerator program to found the company — if it has not yet been founded— file one or more patents, create a prototype, and validate their target market.

Who we look for and what we offer

At Spreentech Ventures, we look for established and early-stage startups and entrepreneurs determined to make a difference with their products and/or services. Selected teams receive equity investment and coaching to accelerate their growth. This includes professional resources to develop their product and/or service, managerial experience, management support; state-of-the-art instrumentation and laboratories; networking with leading innovators within their field, customer contacts, and support for setting up in Trentino.

Deadline for applications

We receive applications throughout the year and commit to evaluating every application we receive, giving prompt feedback to the most promising ones.

Pitch form

To apply for your project, register on F6S, the online platform dedicated to business founders, and complete your profile. The operation takes about 15 minutes (we recommend registering with your company email or LinkedIn profile).